CEO Samujjwal Ghosh notes a growing interest from individuals aged 30 to 45 in the company’s initial projects. Abinandan Lodha has identified 50 potential areas in India with high appreciation potential, which they call “nerve centers.” The company believes that land ownership can generate intergenerational wealth, similar to gold ownership. They aim to change the perception of land as a means of creating wealth and cater to a new generation with a different mindset.

Abinandan Lodha’s strategy focuses on investing in strategic locations that are expected to experience significant infrastructure growth, tourism, and other developments. The company categorizes land into three types: in-city land, “Tomorrowland” (areas near cities with growth potential), and “Futureland” (emerging locations). By targeting these areas, Abinandan Lodha aims to offer retail consumers the opportunity to participate in land buying, which was previously inaccessible due to high prices.

Differentiation and branding are crucial in the real estate industry. Abinandan Lodha aims to establish a recognizable brand that signifies wealth creation and consumer-centricity. The company’s first project received overwhelming interest, and their latest project, “TomorrowView,” is also showing promising subscription rates. Abinandan Lodha is building an app to facilitate land buying, providing consumers with transparent information and enabling easier decision-making.

The company’s long-term objective is to become a platform where consumers can purchase land across India. Abinandan Lodha believes that technology will play a significant role in achieving this goal and plans to make tech a fundamental pillar of the brand. They aim to create a brand-neutral platform that connects land sellers and buyers nationwide.

Environmental responsibility is a priority for Abinandan Lodha. They focus on sustainability in their developments, incorporating elements such as solar and wind energy, water-efficient landscaping, electric transportation, and organic and seasonal food options. The company aims to give back to the land and minimize its environmental impact.

In terms of marketing, Abinandan Lodha emphasizes digital platforms to popularize the brand and educate consumers about land as an asset class. They are working towards becoming a search-driven brand rather than relying on traditional advertising. Marketing expenditures are expected to exceed Rs. 140-150 crores this year, with digital marketing accounting for a significant portion.

The vision for Abinandan Lodha is to become the largest and best-branded land developer in India. The company aims to achieve growth by positioning itself as a consumer tech company that promotes land as an asset class and focuses on innovation. Their ultimate goal is to simplify consumers’ lives and create meaningful solutions that elevate their well-being.

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